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Rhylee Richards fucks in her work office

My boss called me over to her place to check out some of my paper work. So I get there, and could not stop staring at her huge tits. She notices and shoves my face down her shirt. Sucking those huge tits was only the beginning, I bended her over and started pounding my boss doggy style. She loves to get fucked and asked for the cream all over her face. I could smell a raise is around the corner..

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Cindy Crawford sucks cock wearing glasses in her office

I was taking measurements in the office so I could lay new carpet, when I couldn’t help but notice that the hot blonde secretary had no carpet herself. Not only wasn’t she wearing any panties but I spotted her pierced clit hanging out like a rock climber. I felt it was an invitation to party, so I called up Mr. Big and the boys and stuffed her like a taco supreme. Her precious pink pussy took a pounding and she gobbled up my cum like had the elixir….!


Diana Prince fucked in a limo

I dropped off a Diana again the other day. She hires me every other week to drive her home or to her office form the airport. I am not sure what she does, but I know she is very demanding and gets what she wants. She always has some small talk, but this time she must have been real nervous or something. She came on to me like I was the last guy on earth. She told me she needed to relax before she went to some important meeting. Next thing I know she is up front rubbing on my cock. It got hard so fast I thought it was going to rip right through my pants. She got me in the back and swallowed my cock whole. I wanted to blow my load right there into the back of her throat….!


Jordan Blue Settling Office Sexual Harassment

Jordan Blue is a slamming MILF who happens to be the boss in her workplace. She was shocked when she found out that one of her employees, Jessica had threatened to file a sexual harassment suit against one of her male employees. When she called him into the office and spoke with him, he said that it was Jessica who was doing the harassing. After a brief discussion, he said that Jessica had told him that she could see his dick through his pants. To get to the bottom of this, Jordan Blue made him stand up and realized it was true. Then she gave him a serious ultimatum, fuck the boss or get fired!

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Mikayla From Big Tits Boss

Mikayla From Big Tits Boss

I hate work, but when your boss has huge ass tits like my boss Mikayla, going to work is better than going out on weekends. On this particular day, my boss called me to her office to give her some quarterly papers, or something like that. But I couldnt keep my eyes off her big beautiful breasts. Ofcourse she caught me, but she didnt care, actually she like it. so I ran with it. Next thing I know, Im sticking my cock in her mouth. Talk about working overtime. Shit, I will work overtime any day. When your boss looks like Mikayla, who would say no !

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