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Britney Sanders from Street Blowjobs

I was out and about today looking for some work when I happened to bump into Britney Sanders sitting all alone having a nice drink in the middle of this beautiful afternoon. I decided to see if I could join her for a while I began to look for some work. Before you knew it I wasnt looking for a job anymore I was looking for some ass. Did I mention I had some cash to make it happen! Shortly after that I convinced Brittani to come and hang out with me for a little bit. Next thing you know we were in a park on a hill behind some bushes getting one of the best blowjobs Ive had in a long time. This girl is amazing sexy body nice ass pretty titties and a gorgeous face…!

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Randi Lane spreads and shows panties

Today we visited the mall and was just coming out of it as we comes across Randi. A sexy Texas freak on vacation, convinced this hot mom to come home with us! This chick was extremely cool and nice and taking her home was actually very fucking easy. Randi has a sexy ass with a curvaceous body and nice fucking tits. She had the prettiest face even with glasses on and it screamed FUCK ME! So thats exactly what the I did!